Classic Sonata

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The Classic Sonata: mechanical complication has achieved a whole new level of simplicity.

This edition of the Classic Sonata certainly pleases on an aesthetic level, with its streamlined design. Mechanical complications pared down to their most essential form make this timepiece an ideal travel companion.

An alarm function which wakes the user with a pleasant cathedral chime is positioned between 12 o’clock and 2 o’clock. In the center of the counter, the 'countdown' display of the last 12 hours, allows to select a wake-up in the morning or in the afternoon.

Another exclusive Ulysse Nardin innovation, the Dual Time function, means both home time and current time can be viewed simultaneously.

The Classic Sonata is ever elegant, in two editions that highlight the essential beauty of the functions: eternal black and rose gold, or stainless steel with blue markers.

Classic Sonata White

Classic Sonata Black